Very High Operating Temp. & High Performance Special Application Greases

This range of greases and pastes products are intended for the extreme applications such as high power open gears for grinding mills, dryers and rotary kilns, lubrication of rolling element bearing exposed to severe operating conditions and steel industry; special paste for bushings of hydraulic and pneumatic hammer; copper paste for easy assembling/disassembling operations in automotive and industrial applications.

  • VERILA Copper Compound is high performance anti-seize lubricant. The grease is based on silica thickener and high-quality mineral oils, providing dropping point higher than 305 Celsius. It contains very fine Copper powder and special polymers providing excellent adhesiveness on metal surfaces. Features & Benefits

  • VERILA Chisel Paste is special paste for the lubrication of the high demanding friction points under extreme pressures and at very high temperatures. It is based on silica thickener and mineral oils of high viscosity. It contains specially selected additives which provides high level of corrosion protection and superior adhesiveness to

  • VERILA Open Gear HD-1000 is high technology Open Gear Grease based on synthetic base oil blend of ISO VG1000 viscosity grade and Aluminium Complex thickener providing stable lubricating film even under extreme loads, good pump-ability, high temperature stability and excellent water resistance. The product contains special EP additives,